The future is mobile - we are already there

In more than 11 years of operations we have seen a highly dynamic development of eLearning solutions going hand in hand with the technological revolution around us.

We worked with a wide range of different technologies and tools, we tailored creative solutions which weren't yet invented, and we never stop to explore the market for new solutions which might help to shape even more appealing, flexible and effective learning solutions.

Some of the favourite tools we actually work with include...





Heidelberg Mobile International (HDMI) is a full service provider for the realization of complex mobile solutions with a special focus on location based solutions, indoor and outdoor, e.g. for Europes biggest IT-exposition, the CeBIT in Hannover.

HDMI originated from a spin-off of the European Media Laboratory GmbH who's founder was the SAP Cofounder Klaus Tschira.

With this advanced location based mobile focus HDMI is an important partner for the development of next generation e-Learning solutions. Red Hot Learning is Heidelberg Mobiles preferred partner in North America and already taught the localization genius some e-learning skills.