The art of finding the most effective learning solution

We do not believe in, and we will never offer, a one-size-fits-all learning solution. Our work with a client always starts with in-depth consultations that enable us to identify the business objectives that must be met and the most effective methods of meeting those objectives. We consistently tailor creative solutions for our customers, delivering quantifiable results at a surprisingly affordable price.

What we can do for you:

  • Needs and competency analysis
  • Training design
  • Learning management system (LMS) assessment, optimization, development, installation
  • Learning portal design
  • Collaboration & innovation systems

Integrated learning environments...

Back in the last century, the term ‘blended learning’ was invented, accompanied with typical eLearning hype. It was thought that developing a ‘blended learning’ solution was all about choosing from an ever-widening selection of methods and media: classroom training, CD-ROM, web-based training, EPSS, simulations, workbooks and synchronous classrooms were typical blended elements. Tools were developed to help do this, aimed at cleverly identifying specific methods and media that might suit particular learning needs and settings.

...are more than a mix of media and methods

Blended learning isn’t really about assembling media or methods. It isn’t design by numbers. What blended learning must do is provide an integrated environment in which to learn. It must provide an experience that is more effective than the sum of its parts. In fact, blended learning is like so much that happens in our increasingly networked world: it’s not the individual components that matter, but the way they relate. It’s not the nodes in the network, but the way they link together.

Careful integration into the way people work

The Fish Harvesting training cases on this website, particularly, show how Stellar RHL has conceived and delivered blended learning in widely differing situations, and to meet widely differing challenges. They show how our blended solutions are carefully crafted to meet clearly identified learning needs, and fully integrated into the way people work. Above all, they demonstrate that our blended solutions are driven by strategic organizational requirements.

Learner centric approach

The Blended Learning model that Stellar RHL tends to gravitate towards, typically always has a learner centric approach. Why? If learning is your ultimate goal, then learners need to take ownership of their learning. This rarely happens if they are passively involved. Passive learning happens to be the easiest to design.

In order for the learner to become involved, then they need to become actively involved in:

  • The knowledge they seek
  • Seeing the immediate application of their learning
  • To be able to try out new practices and behaviors in a safe learning environment, with an experienced coach or colleague
  • They will also become engaged with their own learning if they are actively involved in the training process. A questionnaire for program evaluation is sometimes not enough.
  • In addition, if you are interested in adopting social media into your courses, it is going to fundamentally change the way that you design courses. Evaluation will need to change.
  • Many experts are now recommending that content be designed with generations in mind. More traditional style courses that for the Boomers, moving into more technologically mediated formats preferred by X and Ys.

5 powerful ways of technology enhanced learning

Based on this approach we design and devlop the most advanced, creative and effective learning solutions.

Our 5 powerful ways of technology enhanced learning & communications

  • Visualization
  • Interaction & collaboration
  • Reflection
  • Authenticity of engagement
  • Practice in active learning

What we can do for you

  • Storyboards
  • Authoring
  • Multimedia development
  • Technology integration

Sparkle where you need to shine

Yes, it's a brave new world. And the business climate is fierce, combative, and globally competitive. We can help you bound confidently out of the box, seize unforeseeable business advantages, and help your company sparkle where and when it needs to shine. We'll get you there faster, confidently girded for intergalactic battle.

Foresight insight, narratives for change acumen, decision-making dexterity, business intuition expertise, presentation skills, and sales or investor pitch training.

Move your ideas into action

Red Hot Learning was established in 2002 to meet the challenging and changing needs of individuals and organizations through our public and in-house seminars and programs.

For more than a decade, RHL together with it's sister company Stellar has provided the essential tools, techniques, and facilitation to help our clients move their ideas into action and succeed in a connected world. Our workshops help you become simply . . . Stellar.

Youth engagement by innovative learning solution

DeepMap ECO takes advantage of smartphones to bring real time information about the natural world around us to us. Currently helping the residents and tourists of NB, DeepMap ECO aims to offer the same benefits across the Atlantic Canada Provinces. How did the idea get born? In 2011, the Nature Trust of New Brunswick (NTNB) Board of Directors identified a need for innovative communication and youth engagement.

Nominated for Advanced Technology Association Award

NTNB decided that, in addition to using traditional communication tools, new innovative tools such as development of the DeepMap Eco app. would be undertaken. Detailed planning and prototype development took about a year, with a substantial in-kind support from the developer, Stellar Learning Strategies (SLS). During the app development, the product was nominated for a Canadian Advanced Technology Association Award in Technology Innovation. First version for iPhones was released in April 2012. Currently, 2nd version is being build and provides users with improved mapping capability, inclusion of additional partners and new version for Windows phones (release date of version 2 in April, 2013).

"Technology is changing the way we communicate and experience the world around us, and the Deep Map Eco tool developed by Stellar Learning Strategies and Nature Trust New Brunswick is a great example of how it can be used to connect people to nature and the outdoors", said Carolyn Scotchmer, Regional Manager, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.

"So at TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, we are thrilled to support this initiative as it allows residents and visitors to experience New Brunswick’s nature preserves through personal access to interactive maps, upcoming events and relevant information."