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Here at RHL we offer a full suite of services including strategic consulting,design and development, implementation, and evaluation. We take the latest instructional theories and technological advances, and combine them with tried and tested techniques to develop the most appropriate solution for your needs. From RHL’s inception, our markets have been globally-focused enterprises, whose activities, employees and clientele are continuously connected to the web.

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Strategic Consulting

We do not believe in, and we will never offer, a one-size-fits-all learning solution.

Blended Learning

Blended learning isn’t really about assembling media or methods. It isn’t design by numbers. What blended learning must do is provide an integrated environment in which to learn

Workshops & Seminars

Yes, it's a brave new world. And the business climate is fierce, combative, and globally competitive. We can help you bound confidently out of the box






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The Future is Mobile

In more than 11 years of operations we have seen a highly dynamic development of eLearning solutions going hand in hand with the technological revolution around us.

We have worked with a wide range of different technologies and tools, we tailored creative solutions which weren't yet invented, and we never stop to explore the market for new solutions which might help to shape even more appealing, flexible and effective learning solutions.

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